Sunday, January 15, 2012

8 Great Reasons to Donate!

Hello.  it's Heather from the VinLand Foundation with a list of slightly irreverent, but none the less very true reasons to donate a book on National Donate a Pagan Book Day, April 9th.

1. It's spreading knowledge.  There are still plenty of places here in the US that think if you're not Christian, you're going to sacrifice small children on a fiery altar.  The more we can educate people that Pagans are "just like everybody else" the better off everyone in the world will be.

2.  It's a quick way to earn some Karma points.  It feels good to give.  Just ask Scrooge!  Giving a book can ease you into the charity flow.  Who knows, you may like the feeling so much you start doing other acts of kindness!

3.  You should know what the inside of a library looks like.  How many times have you gone to a mega-bookseller this month?  This year?  I'm betting on a lot (or, hehehehehe, a latte....  get it?)  But when is the last time you set foot inside your local Library?  Without the support of 'us common folk' libraries will start dying around the country.  And THAT my friends, would be a horrible travesty.

4.  You can test the "coming out of the broom closet" waters.  Not all of us are comfortable in the broom closet.  I can tell you, I wasn't.  Dropping off a book at your local library is one small way you can test the waters.  See if your town, and you, are ready for you to 'come out'.

5.  You can make friends with the Librarian.  Librarians are AWESOME people to get to know.  Seriously, they are some of the most bad-ass people in the universe.  Don't believe me?  Well.... Knowledge = Power.  Power = Mass x Velocity.  Librarians can smack you down and tell you EXACTLY how they did it.

6.  Some libraries have no non-mainstream religious books.  Some of them want it that way, yes, but some don't.  Sometimes budgets just don't allow for 'extra' religions.  Donating a book is a great way to help an already shoe-string budget.

7.  It's fun.  I fully plan on taking pictures and posting them here of me, my friends, my family, and possibly even my cat Hex donating books to our local libraries.  We're going to make it a fun family outing, and spend time together donating.  I may even dress up the cat.

8.  It's showing that there are many faces to Paganism.  This is a great way to put the face of 'normalcy' on being a Pagan.  I'm not saying you can't go out with blue hair/heavy eyeliner/flowing dresses/pentagrams a plenty if that's who you are.  But personally I'm going to be dressed in jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt, that's me 'normal'.

Please, by all means, add to this list!  What do YOU think are good reasons to Donate?

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