Friday, January 6, 2012


Welcome to the National Donate a Pagan Book Day blog!  We are still under construction and setting things up, gearing up to what will hopefully be a huge bunch of book donating on April 9th, 2012!

Participants are encouraged to donate new or gently used books to their local public library, Pagan community center, Pagan library or prison ministry in order to help share a love of books and knowledge.

We are also currently accepting names and addresses of Pagan community centers, public libraries, prison ministries and Pagan libraries that would be welcome to book donations, so that participants have a wide choice of places to donate to.

A list of authors, publishers, groups and individuals that pledge to donate will be compiled as we go along, and we would love to see photos and hear stories of any activities you or your group might plan as a way of gathering donations and/or books!  We'd also love to hear stories and get pictures of any group that currently regularly donates books.

Want to get involved?  Send an email to


  1. This seems like a great project, but yeah, a list of groups that WANT donations will be a necessity. The library I worked at put most donations in its book sale room because it had little room for new additions to its shelves. No one really even looked at what got donated, either, because every Saturday morning when I opened I would bring the bags straight to the book sale room and put them where I could find space for them. It seems more beneficial to get the books where they will be read than where they'll be stored.

  2. Our local public library does not ave one single pagan book on the shelves. At least not last time I checked! What a great idea....