Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where do I donate? Part I

The big question to answer about National Donate a Pagan Book Day is "Where should I donate my book/s?"  In this article, we'll address the option of donating to your local public library.  As information and more questions are asked, we'll add to this page.

Donating to your local public library is a great choice.  It supports your local Pagan community, it helps contribute to the choices of those who might be seeking a new path, and you can come around and visit your donation and see how it's doing.

First things first,  you'll want to contact the library and ask about it's donation policy.  Some libraries will not accept used books for their shelves.  Some just don't have the space to accept any donated books, and only accept them to sell back to the community to help raise funds.  If your local library is not currently accepting books, stay tuned to further blogs, we'll help you find another place to donate!

What if my library already has plenty of Pagan titles?
If your local library already has a great selection of Pagan/Pagan friendly titles, it's up to you whether to add to that collection or to find another place to donate.  Consider donating to a group on our Happily Accepting Donations list.

My library has no Pagan titles, so I doubt they'd take my book.
You might be surprised!  Libraries generally have limited funds to put toward book purchases.  Most of those purchases are going to be based on what genres are popular, what's on the best sellers list, and most importantly, what books are requested and frequently checked out.  If you are in doubt that your local library will accept your book, you can simply ask.  Tell them about the NDPBD and that you'd like to donate a title.  (We'd love to hear about your local libraries responses, both positive and negative!)  They might be more open to your donation than you might think!

What do I do if my library says it won't accept any Pagan titles?
That's up to you as the donor.  You might want to just move on to a place more open to taking your donation.  You might want to pursue further action if you feel that your local library is truly discriminating against books based on religion.  Read more on this issue here.


  1. I am interested to see what we should do if the library doesn't accept our donation. I live in a very, very conservative area.

  2. We have few calls in to various places to ask professional advice on the question of blatant discrimination. As soon as we have any suggestions, we will be sure to share them!

  3. Zed, the only down side that I can see if that if you live in a very conservative area, the books might be checked out and destroyed.

    I live in a generally liberal part of a red state, and the library here already has the central "core" books, Scott Cunningham's Wicca and Living Wicca books, Raven Silverwolf's books, etc. One thing that I was thinking of is a lot of places like coffee shops and other hang out places have a "take a book, leave a book" spot. I was going to buy some of the general books online and just place them there for those who are interested to take a copy if they would like, which a note on the inside cover that once they are done with the book to leave it in a similar spot so others can benefit.

    It is not the same as a public library, but if you think the books will be destroyed or the library refuses the donation, there are other ways to donate and still have an impact.