Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Other Ways to Participate

If your library is not currently taking donations and you'd still like to participate here are a few ideas to help contribute a book during National Donate a Pagan Book Day 2012:

  • Donate to one of the great places on our Happily Accepting Books list!
  • Leave a Pagan/Pagan-friendly title out at a local coffee shop with a "free to good home" note on it.
  • Leave a few extra dollars at your local metaphysical shop or Pagan book store to help pay for the next book purchased.
  • Start a local book swap.
  • Send books to an adopted Pagan soldier.
We'd love to hear more ideas!

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    1. For the last five years I have donated a Pagan-themed book to my local library; when I didn't have the money for a new purchase, I selected an appropriate title from my personal collection to donate. They have always been gratefully accepted by the regional manager who not only thanked me in person but sent a lovely note with a tax donation receipt. The only stipulation I made was that the books be placed in the Reference section so they will remain on the property and available to the public. It is the only way to avoid their being stolen. They are kept with the other Reference books displayed behind the librarian's desk in full view to anyone who comes to the desk as well as being listed in the catalog.

      In the past I've also sent books and small pendants to nearby Fort Bragg to be distributed to Pagan military by the chaplain and have received confirmation they have reached a soldier on active duty via a thank you note from the individual.

      There are ways of disseminating information quietly without proselytizing or being militant. These are all great ideas!

    2. There are also a handful of Pagan specialty libraries that could use help. The two that come to mind are the New Alexandrian Library Project ( and the Open Hearth Foundation (

    3. @Shea: We reached out to the folks behind the New Alexandrian Library Project. They let us know that they are not accepting any more books right now, as they don't have the space to store any more until they are up and running.

      We welcome any group that is accepting books and would like to be added to our "accepting books" list to contact us. We'd love to add them on!